Genus Polenchus
Andrassy, 1980
Diagnosis:  Tylenchinae.  Body medium sized (about 0.6 mm), straight to arcuate.  Cuticle smooth, devoid of transverse or longitudinal striation.  Lateral fields inconspicuous, not raised above body surface.  Lip region continuous, rounded.  Amphidal apertures longitudinal, ventrally curved slits.  Stylet 14-15 um long in type species; conus about half its length; knobs large, more or less triangular.  Median bulb oval, muscular, with refractive thickening.  Basal bulb saccate.  Deirids a little behind excretory pore.  Vulva submedian, transverse, lips not raised, without lateral membranes.  Vagina thick-walled, almost at right angles to body axis.  An elongate-oval, offset, anteriorly directed spermatheca and a postvulval uterine sac present.  Bursa small, low, in lateral view not projecting beyond body contour.

Type species:   Polenchus politus  Andrassy, 1980

Other Species:
    Polenchus curvicauda  Raski & Geraert, 1988
    P. shamimi Baqri, 1991

(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)

Species found:      at:
P. politus Konza Prairieddddd