Genus Poikilolaimus
Fuchs, 1930

Definition:  Rhabditinae.  Six closed lips, each with a single bristle-like papilla.  Meterhabdions each with a single tooth; anisoglottid and anisomorphic, dorsal metarhabdion largest.  Oesophageal collar surrounds about 1/2 stoma.  Oesophagus with median bulb.  Vulva median; gonads paired, opposed, reflexed.  Female tail of medium length, conical, pointed.  Male tail just leptoderan with a short spine.  9 pairs of caudal papillae.  Spicules separate; gubernaculum present.  2 pre-anal and 2 post-anal small tubercules present.

Type species:  Poikilolaimus micoletzkyi Fuchs, 1930