Pratylenchus loosi
Loof, 1960
Syn. (prob.): Anguillulina pratensis Gadd & Loos, 1941
Pratylenchus coffeae Loos, 1953
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Measurements (from Loof, 1960)
L = 575 u; a = 31.9; b = 6.4; c = 19.9; V = 82.5
L = 464 u; a = 35.3; b = 5.9; c = 20.8; T = 42

Description (from Loof, 1960)
    A very slender species.  Body almost straight after killing by gentle heat.  Cuticular annulation fine and indistinct.  Lateral field broad, with 4 (occasionally 5 or even 6) incisures.
    Female: In the specimens observed (no egg-bearing ones) the ovary extended over about one-third of body length.  Spermatheca oval.  Posterior uterine branch short, in some specimens with faint traces of ovarial tissue.  Tail 2.5-3 X as long as anal body diameter; tapering, very slender in distal half, with projecting smooth terminus, which is narrowly rounded or even subacute.
    Male: Spicula as in P. coffeae; gonad generally somewhat shorter than in that species.  Testis shorter than vas deferenes.  Bursal edge faintly crenate.
    This species may be distinguished from the P. coffeae by its more slender body, fine annulation, slightly more posterior vulva position and shape of the female tail.
    Distribution and hosts: Known only from Ceylon, on tea roots, but it is possible that this species may have been confused with P. coffeae.  Perhaps this is the species Gadd & Loos (1941) worked with; cf. Loos (1953).
    All types in collection of Plantenziektenkundige Dienst, Wageningen, Netherlands.