Plectus rhizophilus
deMan, 1880
Photo Gallery-Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Long's Peak, Colorado

Measurements (from Bostrom, 1996)
L = 757 um; a = 20; b = 4.4; c = 8.0; V = 49

Description (from Bostrom, 1996)
    Females: Body arcuate ventrad when relaxed by heat.  Cuticle 1.5-2 um thick, annulated; annuli about 1 um wide.  Lateral field consisting of two bands extending to about 70-80 % of tail length, about 5 um wide at mid-body, occupying about 1/7 - 1/8 of body width.  Pharyngeal region with 6-8 somatic setae in three pairs: one median lateral, one ventrolateral, and one dorsolateral at corpus level; plus sometimes one dorsal and one ventral setae at level of posterior part of ishtmus.  Body between cardia and anus with 8-12 scattered somatic setae.  Lip region rounded, not or very slightly offset.  Height of labial region 3.5-4 um, diameter 9-10 um.  Six lips, well separated from each other, small inner labial papillae situated apically on the lips.  Four cephalic setae, about 3-3.5 um long, directed forward and outward, placed at anterior part of stoma, on second annulus from anterior end.  Amphids circular, about 4 um in diameter, occupying about 30 % of neck width, located at 10.5-12.5 um from anterior end, i.e. somewhat posterior to middle part of stoma.  Length of stoma 18-21 um, width 2.5-4 um anteriorly.  Basal bulb 23-26 um long, 19-23 um wide; cardia 11-15 um long, enveloped by intestine.  Excretory pore at 95-105 um from anterior end.  Deirids setiform, in middle of lateral field at 101-117 um from anterior end, at 4-8 annuli from excretory pore.  Genital organs didelphic, amphidelphic; ovary branches reflexed, the two  ovaries extending 2-3.5 times body width anteriorly and 2-3 times body width posteriorly.  Two females with one egg each, measuring 58 X 34 um and 43 X 29 um.  Vulva at middle of body, vulva lips not protruding.  Vagina straight, occupying about one-fifth to one-fourth of vulval body width.  Distal vaginal walls refractive with cuticular folds, seen with SEM.  Rectum about 1.0-1.2 anal body widths long.  Tail conoid, elongate arcuate ventrad with 5-7 setae, of which the most posterior one is situated at 18-22 um from tail terminus.
    Males: not found.

Description (from Thorne, 1929)
    The cuticle is marked by rather coarse striae.  The two wings are prominent.  The lip region is very slightly set off in an amalgamated hemispherical area.  There are four strong setae half as long as the width of the base of the lips.  The large emphids are about one-fourth as wide as the head, hooked in form and located just below the middle of the pharynx.  The  renette pore lies just behind the nerve ring.  The two ovaries are symmetrical the front being on the right, the rear on the left, side of the body.  The eggs are one and one-half times as long as the body width and half as wide as long.  The rectum is about half as long as the anal body-diameter.  Perhaps the most distinguishing feature about this species is the long, gradually tapering tail.  Slender bristles occur at various points on the body.
    The three specimens in this collection are all that the writer has found in the western sites.