Genus Plectonchus
Fuchs, 1930

The ovary lying completely anterior to the posteriorly located (74%) vulva constitutes the principal diagnostic character of this genus.  A careful examination of the pharyngeal structure may reveal other valuable characters.
(Description- Thorne, 1937)

Definition:  Panagrolaiminae.  This genus is very inadequately defined; the only differences from Panagroliamus appear to be that the vulva is 70% or more (not more than 63% in Panagrolaimus), the reflexed ovary does not reach as far as the vulva, and the post-vulval sac can hardly be said to exist at all.
(Description--Goodey, 1963)

Type species: Plectonchus cuniculari Fuchs, 1930

Other species
    Plectonchus ateri Fuchs, 1930
    Plectonchus ligniperidae Fuchs, 1930