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IDENTITY: Scientific name: Pratylenchus fallax
Seinhorst 1968
 Common name: A lesion nematode

NOTES ON TAXONOMY AND BIOLOGY: This lesion nematode is an amphimictic species. Female P. fallax have 3 distinct lip annuli, and a conical tail with distinctly crenate tip, which in some specimens can be smooth. In spite of the molecular differences between P. fallax and P. penetrans, the morphological separation of these two species is difficult  (Carta et al., 2001).  This lesion nematode has migratory endoparasitic habits. Nematode development and reproduction occurs inside the root tissues of plant host (Seinhorst, 1977).

GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION: This lesion nematode has been reported in the Belgium, Britain, France, Italy, the Netherlands, and also in Canada and Japan (Seinhorst, 1977; Willis et al., 1976).

HOSTS: Pratylenchus fallax infects and reproduces on alfalfa, (Medicago sativa), barley (Hordeum vulgare), clover (Trifolium sp.) corn (Zea mays), chrysanthemum (Chrisanthemum sp.), oats (Avena sativa), rape (Brassica napus), rose (Rosa sp.), sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris) and wheat (Triticum aestivum). Unspecifuied fruit trees and ornamentals are also host of this nematode.

CROP LOSSES: Nematode damage has been reported on cereals in Europe  (Rivoal and Cook, 1993).

MEANS OF MOVEMENT AND DISPERSAL:  Through root material and infected bare root propagative plant material.


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