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IDENTITY: Scientific name: Radopholus citri
Machon & Bridge, 1996
 Common name: A burrowing nematode

NOTES ON TAXONOMY AND BIOLOGY: This burrowing nematode is an amphimictic species having migratory endoparasitic habits. Males of this species differ from R. similis by the robust stylet, which is poorly developed in R. similis males. R. citri females can be distinguished from those of R. similis by the conoid tail with rounded and annulated terminus, which is elongate-conoid with a narrow rounded or indented terminus in R. similisR. citri develops and reproduces inside citrus root tissues (Machon and Bridge, 1996).

GEOGRAPHICAL DISTRIBUTION: This burrowing nematode has been reported only in Indonesia (Machon and Bridge, 1996).

HOSTS: Radopholus citri infects and reproduces on citrus (Citrus sp). No other hosts of this nematode are known.

CROP LOSSES: Growth suppression was induced by this nematode when citrus seedlings were grown in nematode infested soil under greenhouse conditions (Machon and Page, 1996).

MEANS OF MOVEMENT AND DISPERSAL:  Through root material and by poorly sanitized bare root propagative plant material.

RATING: (M) A moderate priority rating was given for this nematode, based on consideration given to the economic importance of citrus, a perennial crop, and the limited information available on the host range and pathways of entry for this nematode.

    Machon, J. E. and J. Bridge. 1996. Radopholus citri n. sp. (Tylenchida: Pratylenchidae) and its pathogenicity on citrus. Fundamental and Applied Nematology 19:127-133.