Pratylenchus brachyurus
(Godfrey, 1929)
Filipjev & Schuurmans Stekhoven, 1941
Syn. Anguillulina pratensis, Goodey, 1932
Pratylenchus pratensis Filipjev, 1934
Tylenchus brachyurus Godfrey, 1929
Pratylenchus leiocephalus Steiner, 1949

Measurements (from Sher & Allen, 1953)
L = 0.45-0.75 mm; a = 20-29; b = 5-6.1; c = 17-21; V = 83-89; spear = 19-22 um
L = 0.46-0.56; a = 27-29; b = 6; c = 21; T = 51-53; spear = 19 um

Description (from Sher & Allen, 1953)
    Female: Lateral field marked by four incisures.  Lip region angular, set off from body, bears two distinct annules.  Spear 20 um long, basal knobs large, round.  Outer margins of heavily sclerotized labial framework extend into body laterally about one body annule.  Spear-guiding apparatus extends posteriorly from basal plate about five body annules.  Orifice of dorsal esophageal gland about 2 um behind spear base.  Hemizonid just above excretory pore, about two body annules long.  Ovary does not extend to esophageal gland, consists of single row of oocytes.  Posterior uterine branch short, about width of body at vulva.  Tail rounded, no striations around terminus.
    Male: Similar to female.  Single outstretched testis.  Phasmids slightly posterior to middle of tail, do not extend into delicate bursa.  Spicula arcuate, hafted, rest upon a simple trough shaped gubernaculum.
Type host: Roots of pineapple.
Type locality: Kipapa, Hawaii.

Description (from Roman, Hirschmann, 1969)
    Females: Lateral field often marked by four incisures, but may exhibit variations.  Lip region set off from body, generally bearing two annules, occasionally with two annules on one side and three on the other.  Angular shape of lip region not always distinct, depending on orientation of mounted specimen.  Anterior end of vestibule in en face view with pronounced refractive "ornamentation."  Stylet knobs rounded, little variation in shape.   Glandular lobe of esophagus overlapping anterior end of intestine ventrally and slightly laterally.  Hemizonid two to three annules long, located one to five annules in front of excretory pore.  Gonad measuring 100.8 to 277.2 um, with small, empty spermatotheca.  Postvulvar uterine branch 10.8 to 24.0 um long.  Tail terminus rounded and smooth, little variation in shape.
 Males: Very rare; only eight specimens found.  Similar to females.  L = 430-625 um; a = 21-32; b = 5.2-7.3;
c = 18-23