Paratylenchus vandenbrandei
De Grisse, 1962

(From Raski, 1975)
Two females and one juvenile identified as P. vandenbrandei were found in a collection made from jungle soil near Kotagala, Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

Measurements for the two females were:
L = .23-.26 mm; a = 22-26; b = 3.2-3.3; V = 80-81

    One female is slightly less in length than the minimum of the range reported by de Grisse for the type population.  Also the range of V is extended to 80 and the stylet to 36 um.  In other respects these closely resemble P. vandenbrandei.  The lateral field is very faint, and it is especially difficult to resolve the inner incisure.  However, there seem to be three longitudinal incisures on these specimens.

Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie