Genus Paratrichodorus
Siddiqi, 1974
Diagnosis:  Cuticle abnormally inflated with fixation.  Posterior ventrosublateral oesophageal glands overlap intestine, or intestine anteriorly partly overlaps  oesophageal bulb, or both types of overlaps occur.  Dorsal oesophageal gland nucleus usually near beginning of oesophageal enlargement.  Female reproductive sustem amphidelphic.  Lateral body pores near vulva absent.  Spermatheca present of absent.  Vaginal sclerotisation weakly developed.  Males lie straight with fixation.  Caudal alae present.  Copulatory muscles not extending anterior to caudal alae.  Spicules straight to arcuate, regularly tapering, transversely striated.  Suspensor muscles not prominent.  Two ventromedian supplements within caudal alae region, well separated from anterior third supplement, which is often reduced.  As an exception, only one supplement may also be present.  One or two pairs of large post-cloacal ventrosub-median papillae present.  Lateral cervical pores, if present, at or close to level of excretory pore but not near base of onchiostyle.  Ventromedian cervical pores rarely more than one, never located in region of onchiostyle.

Type subgenus:  Paratrichodorus  Siddiqi, 1974

Other subgenera:
        Atlantadorus  Siddiqi, 1974
        Nanidorus  Siddiqi, 1974

Species found      at:
P. minor Poteet, Texas

(Description- Jairajpuri & Ahmad, 1992)