Genus Paratrophurus
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Body medium sized. Anterior extremity usually bullet shaped, more rarely a little flattened; continuous with body contours, very rarely slightly offset. Face view (SEM) quadrangular. Stylet 20-25 um long. Lateral field with four lines. Deirids present. Tail short (cí = 1.5-2.5), cylindroid with broadly rounded end. Protoplasmic contents of tail often regressed. Oesophageal glands abutting or overlapping the intestine. Male spicules with velum.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
KonzaIV FF-37 Konza Prairie, First survey
KonzaIV FF-53 Konza Prairie, First survey
KonzaI FF-110 Konza Prairie, First survey

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