Paratylenchus projectus
Jenkins, 1956
Photo Gallery- Burr Oak Canyon, NE

0.43 mm; a = 18; b = 4.3; c = 14; V = 88

Cuticle marked by annules which near the head are 1.2um wide while over the remainder of the body they are narrower, sometimes only 0.6um.  Lateral fields with 4 incisures occupying about 1/5 body width at middle, narrower on tail.  Lip region somewhat truncate.  Spear 33um long with strong slightly cupped knobs.  Median bulb almost adjacent to spear knobs as illustrated.  Isthmus slightly longer than neck width, nerve ring near middle.  Excretory pore passing through hemizonid or just behind it.  Basal bulb pyriform with obscure gland nuclei.  Ovary outstretched with oocytes in single file except for short region of reproduction near terminus.  Spermatheca present.  Vulva a deep transverse slit with narrow lateral membranes.  Body narrowing rapidly behind vulva, ending in a small, blunt terminus.  Anus an obscure slit.
Habitat:  Eight females from soil about roots of sorghum near Watertown, S. Dak.
(Description- Thorne & Malek, 1968)

DNA Sequences Obtained
N281 Burr Oak Canyon, NE