Genus Paraphelenchus
(Micol., 1922)  Micol., 1925
     Syn.: Aphelenchus (Paraphelenchus)Micol., 1925

Definition: Body tapering slightly anteriorly.  Head a flat cap, not offset; 6 lips equal but not annulated.  Body cuticle annulated.  Oesophageal glands contained within a spathulate second bulb which is joined to the first by a narrow isthmus.  Excretory pore just behind the median bulb and joining, but a fine duct, a uninucleate cells which lies ventral to the junction of oesophagus and intestine, and which pushes the junction somewhat dorsally, also joining a longitudinal duct that runs anteriorly and posteriorly in the right lateral chord.  Vulva posterior; ovary outstretched, prodelphic; post-vulval sac present.  Female tail short, conical, sometimes with terminal mucron.  male tail with characteristic pattern of caudal papillae:  pai 1 (which may be absent or a single median papilla) pre-anal, pairs 2, 3 & 4 subventral, 2 adanal, 3 mid-tail-length, 4 subterminal, pair 5 also subterminal but subdorsal.  Paired slender spicules and a linear gubernaculum.

Type species:  Paraphelenchus pseudoparietinus (Micol., 1922) Micol., 1925
                syn.  Aphelenchus (Paraphelenchus) pseudoparietinus Micol., 1922
-Goodey, 1963

Species found:              at:
P. intermedius 9-Mile Prairie                        
P. pseudoparietinus  Konza Prairie