Genus Paractinolaimus
Meyl, 1957
Syn.:  Actinolaimus micoletzkyi Schneider, 1935
Photo Gallery- Jumbo Valley Fen

Diagnosis:  Cuticle with fine transverse stiations, without longitudinal ridges.  Vestibule with four large onchia which may appear to be fused at base, sometimes appearing as an arched structure.  Walls of vestibule with numerous denticles arising from slightly ribbed plates.  Post-extension constriction of oesophagus present.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Males with dorylaimoid spicules and supplements arranged in ventral series.  Female tail elongate; male tail short, obtusely rounded.

Type speciesParactinolaimus micoletzkyi (Schneider, 1935) Meyl, 1957.

Other species:
dddd P. baldus Thorne, 1967
P. capensis Heyns and Argo, 1969
P. filipjewi (Schneider, 1935) Meyl, 1957
dddddSyn.: Actinolaimus filipjewi Schneider, 1935
P. longidrilus Eveleigh, 1982
P. macrolaimus (De Man, 1880) Meyl, 1957
dddddSyn.: Dorylaimus macrolaimus De Man, 1880
dddddddddActinolaimus macrolaimus (De Man, 1880) Steiner, 1916
P. microdentatus (Thorne, 1939) Meyl, 1957
dddddSyn.: Actinolaimus microdentatus Thorne, 1939
P. minor Vinciguerra and Francisci, 1973
P. parietinus Eroshenko, 1977
P. prodenticulatus Heyns and Argo, 1969
P. robustus Thorne, 1967
P. spanithelus Eveleigh, 1982
P. vigor Thorne, 1967
P. xosorum Heyns and Argo, 1969
(Description- Jairajpuri & Ahmad, 1992)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Fen JV2-1d Jumbo Valley Fen, Cherry County, NE