Genus Panagrolaimus
Fuchs, 1930
  Synonym:  Neocephalobus Steiner, 1929 (Steiner, 1934)
                   Cephalobus (Neocephalobus) Steiner, 1929
                     Procepalobus Steiner, 1934
                   Panagrodontus Thorne, 1937
                   Panagrolaimodies Ivanova, 1958
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Haughton Crater

Definition:  Panagrolaiminae.  3 or 6 lips, amalgamated or more or less separate; 2 circlets of lip papillae present.  Cheilostom rounded triangular, almost hexagonal in section; its rhabdions usually absent.  When present they are hexagonal in section.  Metastom usually with a tooth or teeth on dorsal segment and sometimes denticles on subventral segments.  Oesophagus panagrolaimoid; anterior part cylindrical, isthmus shorter than anterior part.  Gonads panagrolaimoid, the ovary tip being reflexed past the vulva almost as far as the anus.  Post-vulval sac about a body-width long.

Type species: Panagrolaimus detritophagus Fuchs, 1930

-Goodey, 1963

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza IVCC-72 Konza Prairie