Genus Ogma
Southern, 1914
Syn.: Croserinema Khan, Chawla & Saha, 1976
Macrocriconema Minagawa, 1986
Orphreyus Siddiqi, 2000
Pateracephalanema Mehto & raski, 1971
Pellipecten Siddiqi, 1986
Pseudocriconema Minagawa, 1984
Seriespinula Mehto & Raski, 1976 (Khan, Chawla & Saha, 1976)
Syro Orton Williams, 1985
Variasquamata  Mehto & Raski, 1971 (Khan, Chawla & Saha, 1976)

Photo Galleries:
9 Mile Prairie, NE
Barva Volcano, Costa Rica
Lava Mountain, ID
Texas City, TX
Old Pali Highway, Oahu HI
La Selva Biol. Sta., Costa Rica
Las Cruces Biol. Sta., Costa Rica
Schluckebier Prairie, WI
Butts county, GA
Sauk county, WI
Silver Falls, OR
Jasper county, SC
Meade County, SD

Diagnosis:  Criconematinae.
Female- 0.24-0.86 mm long, with 50-94 annules.  Annules wavy in outline, with scale-like outgrowths broadly rounded at tip or with one to five spine-like projections, and arranged in 8-21 longitudinal rows on most of body.  Cephalic region offset, with one or two annules which may be smooth, crenate or lobed; anterior annule often larger than posterior; submedian lobes usually present.  Stylet 48-125 um.  Vulva closed, lips conical, 3-19 annules from terminus.  Tail conical or rounded.  Males with three or four incisures in lateral field and 28-47 um long arcuate spicules.  Fourth stage juveniles with scales arranged in longitudinal rows.
(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)

This Genus included in the Criconematid Project

DNA Sequences Obtained:
16773 Barva Volcano, Costa Rica
16774 Barva Volcano, Costa Rica
16775 Barva Volcano, Costa Rica
15010 La Selva Station, Costa Rica
16771 La Selva Station, Costa Rica
16772 La Selva Station, Costa Rica
16808 Piney, Manitoba Canada
16809 Piney, Manitoba Canada
N266 Archbold Biol. Sta., Florida
N287 Sauk county, Wisconsin

Species found:        at:
O. decalineatum Konza Prairie, 9-Mile Prairie
O. floridense Florida
O. octangulare Mt. Philo, Vermont
O. seymouri Pachaug State Forest, CT