Genus Odontolaimus
de Man, 1880
     Syn. Neonchus Cobb, 1893
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Homestead Nat'l Monument

Definition:  Cyatholaiminae.  Cuticle with fine transverse striae but without lateral membranes and carrying scattered bristles on the body and tail.  Amphids large, circular, situated a little in front of the middle of stoma. Head not offset, rounded in front and carrying 10 setae, 2 lateral and 8 submedian in position.  Stoma in 2 parts; a small anterior tubular cavity at the base of which is a triangular dorsal tooth, and an elongated, posterior, prismatic region which gradually tapers behind and has straight cuticularized walls.  This region is surrounded by its own musculature. Oesophagus rather narrow but swelling out in its posterior third to a distinct musculature, non-valvate bulb Tail long and tapering to a hair-like end which is frequently looped ventrally.  Vulva equatorial, gonads paired, opposed, outstretched.  Caudal glands absent.

Type Species: Odontolaimus chlorurus de Man, 1880

                syn.  Neonchus longicauda Cobb, 1893

-Goodey, 1963

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
KonzaIAD-132 Konza Prairie, First Survey