Ogma decalineatum
(Chitwood, 1957) Andrassy, 1979

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Description.  Female 400-539 microns long; a, 9-10; b, 3.5-3.8 (contracted); c, 13-15, V, 86-88%; ovary single, anterior, reflexed or outstretched, 37-44% length of body; striae 4-5.3 microns wide, 10  longitudinal grooves or 10 longitudinal rows of blunt scales or spines (becoming more spinate posteriad); 86 counted annules, estimates of about the same number on 3 additional specimens.  Stylet 66-85 microns long; knobs reflexed anteriad, 5 to 9.6 microns wide by 1.6 to 3.2 microns high.  Dorsal gland orifice 5-6 microns posterior to base of stylet; median bulb isthmus and posterior glandular part of esophagus typical of genus.  Excretory pore 189 microns from anterior end.  Vulva on 14-15th annule from tip of tail; anterior lip of vulva with paired lateral lobes; anus at junction of 8 and 9th annules; phasmids at junction of 7th and 8th annules; tail rather conoid with indications of annules nearly to tip.  Head consisting of 2 or 3 non-rigid and 2 rigid annules, latter marked laterally.
Type Host. Fiscus elasticha Roxb. (Strangler fig or rubber tree)
Type Location.  Roots
Type Locality. Atwood Estate, swampy ground, Bradenton, Florida
Type Specimen.  Florida State Plant Board Nematology Collection F 30a; Paratypes F 30 and F 73.
(Description- Chitwood, 1957)

(From Van Den Berg & Spaull, 1985)
Four females of this species were collected from soil around the roots of Ficus nautarum at Cinq Cases on Grande Terre.  They correspond well with the original description of the species by Chitwood (1957) and subsequent descriptions by Mehta & Raski (1971) and Andrassy (1961)

L = 335 um; a = 7.8; b = 3.2; c = 13.4; V = 87

    Body posture slightly arcuate ventrally.  Labial disc protruding well beyond first annule; lip region consisting of two annules, directed slightly forward; first lip annule slightly narrower, 12 um than second lip annule 13.4 um; anterior margin of these two annules crenate.  Lip annules considerably smaller than the first and second body annules which are 19 um and 24.5 um wide respectively.  All body annules thick and retrorse.  First body annule with 6 to 8 scales, somewhat fused.  Other body annules each with 10 scales which are arranged in 10 longitudinal rows along the length of the body.  Posterior margins of scales appear smooth.  Annules 4.5 um wide at midbody.  Excretory pore situated 123 um from anterior end of body.  Width at midbody 45.4 um.  Hemizonid one annule long, situated 2 annules anterior to excretory pore.  Stylet long and slender with cupped basal knobs, the latter 8.3 um wide and 3.1 um high.  Metenchium 61.6 um long and telenchium 12.6 um long.  Spermatheca round and filled with roundish sperm, 3 or 4 annules long and situated 9 to 12 annules anterior to vulva.  Tail 26.6 um long, tapering to a finely rounded knob.

This species included in the Criconematid Project

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
KonzaIV CD-87 Konza Prairie, First survey
9Mile 2-29 AR-1 9 Mile Prairie, Preliminary survey
9Mile 1-28 SW1-26 9 Mile Prairie, Preliminary survey