Nygolaimus tenuis
Thorne, 1930
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Measurements (from Thorne, 1939)
L = 2.0 mm; a = 67; b = 4.5; c = 90; V = 52

Description (from Thorne, 1939)
    Tooth only about half as long as the width of the lip region.  Pharynx almost three times as deep as the width of the lips.  Lateral cords only one-twelfth to one-tenth as wide as the body.  Posterior portion of body not arcuate.  The body twists more than in any other known nygolaim, frequently making half a turn or even more.  Cardiac glands unusually large.  Intestine narrow and tapering as the anterior end except when gorged with food.  Ovaries reflexed half their length.  Rectum and prerectum each about as long as the tail.  Males not found among about 125 specimens.
    Habitat: Usually found in small numbers rather deep in sandy loam valley soils of Utah, U. S. A.