Genus Nygolaimellus
Loos, 1949
Photo Gallery- Forensic Nematology
Photo Gallery- Costa Rica

Diagnosis:  Large-sized nematodes ( L = 2.5 - 6.0 mm).  Cuticle thickened especially towards tail, with fine striations, sometimes with indications of criss-cross lines overlying transverse striations.  Lips fairly distinct, hexagonal in en face view, set off by deep constriction, and wider than adjoining body.  Tooth deltoid, smaller or longer than lip width.  Pharynx nygolaimoid, its walls well sclerotised in region of tooth.  Oesophagus with basal expanded part usually occupying two-thirds its length.  Basal expanded part consisting of three sections, first and second of which are often separated by constriction, middle and basal section enclosed in sheath.  Hemizonid either opposite or slightly anterior to nerve ring, appearing as two adjacent notches in sub-cuticle.  Cardiac disc present.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Vulva transverse.  Spicules with lateral apical thickenings; lateral guiding pieces and well-developed spaced ventromedian supplements present.  Gubernaculum absent.  Tail short, conoid; similar in sexes.

Type species: Nygolaimellus abnormis Loos, 1949.

Specimens from Costa Rica
    Nygolaimellus sp. (1)
     Nygolaimellus sp. (2)

Other species:
    N. heynsi Ahmad and Jairajpuri, 1982
    N. hopperi Heyns, 1968
    N. macmacus Heyns, 1968
    N. quintus Heyns, 1968
    N. rectalus Heyns, 1968