Nothocriconemoides lineolatus
Maas, Loof & Grisse, 1971
Female- Body subcylindrical, tapering posteriorly more strongly than anteriorly.  Anastomoses usually none, but some specimens have one anastomosis in the vulvar region.  Posterior margins of annules finely crenate; annules with numerous fine longitudinal lines, from which feature the specific name was derived.  Second annule as wide as fourth and distinctly wider than the third; thus the head is offset by a "collar".  First annule (lip-annule?) carrying four big submedian lobes with somewhat flattened anterior margins; they extend beyond the labial disc.  End-on view shows that the two subdorsal lobes are connected; the same holds for the two subventrals. Labial plates sometimes present.  The annules are retrorse except the anterior ones.
    Spear and oesopohagus typical for the family.  Terminal bulb relatively large.  Excretory pore at level of base of oesophagus.  Vulva closed, the anterior lip ornamented with two big lobes of irregular shape and overhanging so strongly that the vulva appears to open on the posterior margin of the vulvar annule.  Vagina sigmoid.  Gonad without sperm; in some specimens extending anteriad to past the base of the oesophagus.  No eggs. Tail convex-conoid with an acute, bifid or irregular terminus.  Anus relatively distinct.  The vulva-anus distance is distinctly longer that the tail.
    Fourth-stage juvenile.  The most conspicuous feature is the absence of the collar-like constriction at the third annule; this constriction, however, is absent also in juveniles of Nothcriconema annuliferum and other species. Submedian lobes present, smaller than in the female, anterior margin inot flattened.  Third annule only slightly wider than second, fourth conspicuously wider than third.  Annules with crenate posterior margins; no rows of scales.  As usual in this family, the annule number in juveniles is higher than in females.  Several specimens were found undergoing the last moult, which proves that there juveniles really belong to Nothocriconemoides.

Type habitat and locality:  Jungle forest near Carolina, sandy soil, Suriname, collected April 1969.  Paratypes also from jungle forest soil, near Alasabaka, sandy soil, Suriname, collected October 1969.

(Description- Maas, Loof & Grisse, 1971)