Genus Nothocriconemoides
Maas, Loof & De Grisse, 1971
Photo Gallery- La Selva Biological Sta., Costa Rica
Photo Gallery- Fall River Rd., RMNP

Diagnosis:  Criconematidae.  Second annule of females offset collar-like by narrow third annule.  Lips with four distinct submedian lobes.  No masses of fungus or detritus between the annules.  Vulva closed, anterior lip overhanging.  Tail conoid, tapering to acute or subacute terminus.  Males unknown.  Juveniles without rows of scales on posterior margins of annules; first annule not offset collar-like.

Type species:  Nothocriconemoides lineolatus, Maas , Loof & Grisse, 1971
(Description- Maas, Loof & Grisse, 1971)

Macroposthoniinae.  Female:  Total body annules in type species 57-64; annules with fine longitudinal striae making margins look finely crenate, lacking anatomoses.  Cephalic region offset by basal annule being smaller and round; anterior annule collar-like, retrorse, much larger than the basal annule.  Lip area with four prominent submedian lobes.  Stylet 68-80 um long in type species. Vulva closed, anterior bilobed lip projecting backwards.  Vagina sigmoid.  Tail conoid to an acute or subacute terminus.  Juveniles: With crenate annules, without rows of scales or spines; cephalic annules not offset collar-like.
(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)

Type species
    Nothocriconemoides lineolatus  Maas , Loof & Grisse, 1971

Other species
    Nothocriconemoides crenulatus Ivanova, 1984

This genus included in the Criconematid Project

DNA Sequences Obtained:
Specimen: Collected:
16137 La Selva Station, Costa Rica
16139 La Selva Station, Costa Rica
16934 Fall River Rd., RMNP