Genus Neopsilenchus
Thorne & Malek, 1968
Syn.: Acusilenchus Shahina & Maqbool, 1990

     Diagnosis:  Psilenchinae.  General morphology similar to that of  Psilenchus. Amphid apertures transverse.  Spear cylindroid without knobs.  Median bulb near middle of esophagus.  Vulva near 65%.  Anterior ovary outstretched.  Posterior uterine branch shorter than body width.  Tail uniformly conoid to acute terminus.
     Type species:  Neopsilenchus magnidens (Thorne, 1949)
     Synonym:  Psilenchus magnidens, Thorne, 1949
(Description- Thorne & Malek, 1968)

Boleodorinae.  Body under 1 mm (0.4-0.9 mm), ventrally arcuate upon relaxation.  Lateral fields each with four incisures.  Amphidial apertures slit-like, transverse or oblique.  Cephalic region elevated, rounded or conoid-rounded.  Stylet cylindroid, 8-15 um, conus asymmetrical, lumen distinct or solid-appearing anteriorly; basal knobs absent; orifice of dorsal gland close to stylet base.  Median bulb muscular, with refractive thickenings, near middle of oesophagus.  Cardia distinct.  Vulva at 60-65% of body length.  Ovary single, outstretched.  Postvulval uterine sac shorter than body width, with distinct lumen.  Tail elongate-filiform, with pointed or rounded tip.  Sperm rod-shaped or rounded.  Spicules short (11-15 um).  Gubernaculum simple. Bursa adanal.
(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)