Mylonchulus parabrachyuris
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Female- L=1.5 mm; a=29.4; b=3.8; c=25.0; V=62%; buccal cavity= 24 x 14u; tail length=0.061 mm
Male- L=1.58 mm; a=33.3; b=3.8; c=25.0; spicule length=60 m; tail length=0.075; supplements=10-14.

Thorne gives an adequate description and illustrations of both males and females of this species.  He remarks that this species resembles M. brachyuris but differs in having a longer tail and caudal glands arranged in tandem.  Males of this species are rare and have from 10-14 supplementary organs.  The tail is similar in form to that of the female.  The spicules are strong, accurate, and with rather slender non-bifurcated accessory pieces.

Habitat: light sandy soil
Geographical distribution-Utah, U.S.A.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
9 Mile 3-30 SW2-37 9 Mile Prairie, First Survey
Konza IGG-37 Konza Prairie, First survey
Konza IVAA-109 Konza Prairie, First survey
Konza IVBC-53 Konza Prairie, First survey
9Mile 3-30 LP2-36 9 Mile Prairie, First Survey