Genus Myolaimus
Cobb, 1920

Definition: Myolaimidae. Cheilo-, pro- and mesorhabdions fused and forming a short broad chamber inarching at mouth.  Metastom anisoglottid and anisomorphic, dorsal segment with large hump-like tooth, the subventral segments each paired denticles in tandem.  Telostom narrow and rhabdions may be absent.  Oesophageal collar reaches to base of mesorhabdions.  Oesophagus and gonads panagrolaimoid.  Female tail narrowing beyond the anus, ocnical to a thread-like point.  Male tail with bursa supported by 7 or 8 pairs of papillae.  Spicules and gubernaculum absent.

Type species: Myolaimus heterurus Cobb, 1920

                syn. M. stiloides Weingartner in Hirschmann, 1952 [nomen nudum]

(Description- Goodey, 1963)