Mylonchulus montanus
(Thorne, 1924) Andrássy, 1958
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Jumbo Valley fen
Photo Gallery- Nebraska cornfield
Photo Gallery- Cherry Co., NE

Measurements  (from Mulvey, 1961)
L = 1.82 mm; a = 33.1; b = 3.5; c = 20.1; V = 62.5%
L = 1.65 mm; a = 30.2; b = 3.2; c = 20.0

Description (from Mulvey, 1961)
     Wide buccal cavity with thick walls and a small dorsal tooth with two smaller submedian teeth.  The anterior refractive ring about the buccal cavity is very prominent.  The rather long tail (c = 21.3) is conoid  arcuate and contains several glands which empty through a terminal spinneret.  The prominent anterior refractive ring, the small dorsal tooth, and the relative size of the buccal cavity distinguish M. montanus from M. minor.
Habitat.  Fresh water.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Barger (Cherry Co.,  NE) Cherry Co. NE
Fen JV5 Jumbo Valley fen, Nebraska sandhills