Mylonchulus lacustris
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Homestead Nat'l Monument

Nainital Gnava population. Females (7): L=1.08-1.67 mm; a=25-40; b=3.8-4.1; c=24-31; V=60-66
Nainital Mango population. Female: L=1.60 mm; a=25; b=4.0; c=25; V=61
Shahjabanpur Paddy population. Females (7): L=1.23-1.38 mm; a=26-34; b=3.4-3.8; c=27-32; V=57-60.

Body slightly to strongly ventrally arcuate upon fixation, tapering gradually anterior to base of esophagus but sharply behind vulva.  Cuticle (outer and inner) smooth, 2-4u thick.  Lateral chords about 1/3 rd body-width wide near middle.  Lip region 24-29u wide, 10-13u high.  Buccal cavity 25-32u x 15-20u.  Apex of dorsal tooth 16-21u from base of stoma.  Transverse rows of denticles 7; submedian teeth present.  Nerve ring 110-125u from anterior end of body.  Rectum 24-30u, less than one anal body-width long.  Gonads amphidelphic.  Tail 42-59u long, arcuate conoid.  Caudal glands in tandem, spinneret terminal.

Habitats: soil around roots of guava, Psidium gujava L., from Nainital, U.P.; mango, Mangifera indica L., from Naintal and paddy, Oryza sativa L., from Shahjahanpur, U.P. Immature specimens were also recorded from soil around roots of Citrus sp. from Nainital and banana, Musa paradisiacal L., from Pilibhit, U.P.