Mylonchulus index
(Cobb, 1906) Andrassy, 1958
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Genus comparisons- Mononchid heads
Genus comparisons- Mononchid tails

L = 1.2 mm; a = 34; b = 3.5; c = 35; V = 74
L = 1.25 mm; a = 34; b = 3.5; c = 36; T = 44

Female.  Body with truncate anterior and digitate posterior termini.  Lips distinct; lip region set off by depression.  Buccal cavity globular, nearly twice as long as wide, with consipuous posterior refrative ring.  Massive dorsal tooth in anterior half of stoma opposed by numerous denticles arranged in six transverse rows.  Amphid aperature as wide as and at level of dorsal tooth.  Esophagus with nerve ring and excretory pore at upper fourth.  Monodelphic with reflexed ovary.  Tail conoid-arcuate, then digitate with terminal spinneret.  Caudal glands in tandem; caudal pores not observed.

Male.  General description similar to that of female.  Tail area bearing eleven supplements spaced equally distant beginning within range of spicule.  Spicule arcuate with bidentate terminus; accessory pieces small with bidentate termini; gubernaculum sigmoid-arcuate.  Tail similar to female, bearing terminal spinneret and three caudal glands in tandem.

Habitat.  About the roots of native vegetation and red fescue in the Williamette Valley (Oregon)
Oregon distribution.  Near Boring and Junction City, Oregon.

(Description- Jensen and Mulvey, 1968)