Mylonchulus brachyuris
Butschili, Altherr
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Female, 1.6-2.1 mm; a=30-41; b=3.2-4.1; c=72-90; V=60-65
Male, 1.6-2.1 mm; a=33-46; b=3.5-3.8; c=53-68

With the characters set out above. Head somewhat offset by constriction; with 6 fairly prominently conical lips each with 2 papillae.  Dorsal tooth very large; opposed by about 8 rows of transverse denticles and 2 bluntish, small, almost ventral teeth.  Tails less than an anal-body-width long, tip rounded; caudal glands present and terminal duct opening slightly dorsally subterminal.  Ovaries paired; a large spinchter muscle separates each uterus from its corresponding oviduct.  Male with a vental row of 12 ovoid supplements, the tips of which protrude; a pre-anal papilla, 1 or 2 fine papillae anterior to the supplements and 4 pairs (2 subventral, 2 subdorsal) of caudal papillae also present.  Ejaculatory glands present on either side of the end of the vas defrens, opening into cloaca.  Spicules in muscular sheath; gubernaculums with bifurcate crura.