Mononchus truncatus
Bastian, 1865
Female, length 1/15", breadth 1/285".
External Characters.- Body tapering slightly anteriorly, but more considerably posteriorly.  Head truncate; no papillae. Integument with longitudinal striae, 1/7500" apart.  Pharyngeal cavity oval, 1/588" in length, with a single hook projecting from upper surface.  Oesophagus about 1/4th of total length. Intestinal cells with light-coloured particles, having distinctly tessellated arrangement.  Anus 1/110" from posterior extremity.  Vulva slightly posterior to middle of body.  Lateral canals broad, very indistinct, only recognizable  behind intestine; no cells apparent- merely a few light-coloured scattered granules.
Male not seen.
Hab. Small pool amidst decaying moss and liverwort, Falmouth.
(Description- Bastian, 1865)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Fen JV2-1a Jumbo Valley fen, Nebraska Sandhills