Meloidogyne konaensis
Eisenback et al., 1994

This newly described species was identified as problem on coffee trees grown on the island of Hawaii. It is a mitotically parthenogenetic species and does not appear to be widespread on the Hawaiian Islands.
This nematode was recognized as distinct on the basis of several morphological characteristics and a single banded esterase pattern. Eisenback et al., 1994 (J.Nematol: 26: 363-374) state the morphological characteristics make this species quite distinct from all others in the genus. The 2n chromosome number is 44.
Morphological Identification
The female perineal pattern is variable and similar to M. incognita and M. arenaria. The male stylet has 6-12 diagnostic projections on the shaft. Mean juvenile length is 502um , with the range 468-530 um.