Microdorylaimus modestus
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

0.4 mm; a=15; b-3.3; c=12; V=59

Body slightly arcuate; tapering both ways from near middle.  Lateral field ¼ body width.  Lip region angular, set off by broad expansion.  Spear about 10 um long with aperture occupying 1/3 its length.  Esophagus enlarged in posterior 2/5 by abrupt expansion.  Cardia elongate hemispheroid.  Vulva transverse, labia continuous with cuticle, sclerotized pieces. Egg length about twice body width, frequently crowding ovaries out of place. Tail slightly arcuate to elongated rounded terminus.

Habitat: Cultivated and virgin soil near Brookings, Centerville, Watertown and Rapid City, South Dakota; Columbus, Stromsburg and Fairmont, Nebraska; and Hadashville, Manitoba, Canada.