Microdorylaimus miser
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Female: a = 15; b = 3.5; c = 19
Male: a = 19; b = 3; c = 16.6

Lips fairly distinct, set off by a shallow constriction; spear somewhat longer than, and 1/5 as wide as head, the aperture occupying 1/3 its length; posterior 2/5 of esophagus expanded until 2/3 as wide as neck; tails of both sexes conoid to blunt terminus; supplements three, equidistant, about one tail length apart; testes clavate, one and one-half or two times as long as the body width; ovaries reflexed about half-way to vulva; eggs fill the body cavity and are twice as long as wide; rectum and prerectum each about 1 and ½ times as long as anal body diameter.

Habitat: 3 females from desert soil, Skull Valley, Utah; single male from sandy soil, El Paso, Texas

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Konza VAA-27 Konza Prairie, First survey
Lava MSC-27 Lava Mountain, Idaho
Lava MSC-59 Lava Mountain, Idaho