Microdorylaimus minor

a=22.5; b=3; c=11.1

A robust species; lips well amalgamated, set off by a distinct constriction; papillae prominent.  Tail conoid, ventrally arcuate to a blunt terminus, where the diameter is ¼ that at the anus.  Spear slender, scarcely as long as head is wide, the aperture occupying 1/3 its length; esophagus enlarged suddenly behind middle, its posterior 2/5 being from 2/3 to ¾ as wide as neck.

Cardia small, conical; intestine 2/3 as wide as body, five or six cells to a circumference; rectum length one and one-half times anal body diameter; prerectum twice length of rectum; lateral cord 1/3 the body width; ovaries reflexed more than half-way to vulva.

Habitat: roots of cherry trees, Tokyo, Japan