Genus Microdorylaimus
Andrassy, 1986

    Body small, 0.3-0.8 mm, fairly plump.  Cuticle smooth.  Lip region set off, lips angular.  Amphids generally large, with cyathiform fovea.  Odontostyle 8-12 micrometers, about one lip region width long.  Guiding ring single.  Odontophore rod-like.  Oesophagus long, nearly one-third total body length (b = 2.7-3.8), abruptly expanding in posterior two-fifths.  Female reproductive system amphidelphic.  Vulva transverse, may be weakly cuticularised, post-equatorial.  Males extremely rare.  Ventromedian supplements spaced, number three-eight; precloacal space absent.  Tail conoid, ventrally curved; similar in sexes.

    Type species:  Microdorylaimus parvus (De Man, 1880) Andrassy, 1986
-Jairajpuri and Ahmad, 1992

Species found:       at:
M. angelus Konza Prairie, 9-Mile Prairie, Haughton Crater 
M. longicollis Konza Prairie
M. minor Haughton Crater
M. miser Konza Prairie, Haughton Crater
M. modestus Konza Prairie
M. modicus Konza Prairie
M. parvissimus Konza Prairie
M. parvus Konza Prairie, Haughton Crater
M. rapsus Konza Prairie
M. thornei Konza Prairie