Genus Metateratocephalus
Eroshenko, 1973
Photo Gallery- Jumbo Valley fen

Cuticle- weakly annulated, minute punctations; pores anteriorly and along lateral fields.  Cephalic sense organs- subdorsal and subventral lips bear two setiform sensilla, lateral lips bear one setiform sensillum. Amphids- postlabial, large, round (semi-spiral), 10-12 um posterior to base of head.  Excretory pore- minute opening (about 1 um in diameter). Lateral field- coarsely punctated anteriorly, expanded cuticle posteriorly. Vulva opening- transverse slit with numerous radially arranged cuticular ridges.  Anal aperture- transverse slit with long posterior lip and post-anal depression.  Phasmids- possibly analogous lateroventral setiform papillae just posterior to anal aperture.
(Description from Boström, 1989)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
FenJV13-01 Jumbo Valley fen, Nebraska Sandhills