Mesocriconema rusticum
(Micoletzky, 1915) Loof & De Grisse, 1989
syn.:  Criconema rusticum Micoletzky, 1915
Criconemoides rusticus (Micoletzky, 1915) Taylor, 1936
Macroposthonia rustica (Micoletzky, 1915) De Grisse & Loof, 1965
Criconema quadricorne Kirjanova, 1948
Criconemoides lobatus Raski, 1952
Macroposthonia lobata (Raski, 1952) Siddiqi, 1986
Madinema loma Khan, Chawla & Saha, 1976
Criconemella loma (Khan, Chawla & Saha, 1976 ) Luc & Raski, 1981
Macroposthonia loma (Khan, Chawla & Saha, 1976 ) Siddiqi, 1986

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Length, 0.6 mm; a = 10-11.
Tail blunt.  Head of two annules, separated by constriction, set off from body annules only by their different shape.  First annule with flat lip region on its depressed anterior surface, second annule retrose.  Annules 90 to 115, occaisonally anastomosing.  Oesophagus only slightly swollen in front by stylet muscles.  Middle bulb large, almost as wide as body cavity.  Isthmus short and indistinct, terminal bulb about 1/3 neck width.  Nerve ring surrounding isthmus and terminal bulb obliquely.  Stylet 75um long, extending through 14 annules, slender, tapering, its 3-lobed base 1/4 neck width and resting well anterior to center of middle oesophageal bulb.  Intestine 1/2 body width.  Anus between 4th and 5th annules in front of terminus.  Vulva, somewhat depressed, at about 7th annule in front of terminus.  Vagina extending obliquely forward 1/3 of way across body cavity.  Uterus 1 1/2 body widths long.  Blind end of ovary a little behind base of oesophagus.  Eggs a little longer than body diameter and about half as wide.   Excretory pore at 26th to 30th annule.  Male unknown.

Habitat:  Micoletzky (1915) found one specimen in an open cistern and 2 specimens in sandy humus in Bukowina, Roumania.  Stauffer (1920) found more than 30 in soil near tree roots in Switzerland.  Schneider (1923) found 2 specimens in garden soil near Hamborn, Germany.  Cobb (1918) reports this species from the slow sand filter beds, Washington, D.C., U.S.A.  Seidenschwartz (1923) found 30 specimens in soil around tree roots in the Alps near Innsbruck, Austria.  He gives the length of these specimens as .29-.42 mm and a =  5.6-11.5.  Our material consisted of six specimens collected by B. G. Glisson in soil near Ellabelle, Georgia, U.S.A.
(Description- Taylor, 1936  )

This species included in the Criconematid Project

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
KonzaII BB-145 Konza Prairie, First Survey
LCCI Lincoln Country Club
ME1-01  (16125) Waldo county, Maine
ME1-02  (16126) Waldo county, Maine
VT2-01  (16562) Lamalle county, Vermont
UT146-01  (16566) Rich county, Utah
NID 99 Summit county, Utah