Mesodorylaimus litoralis
Loof, 1969
syn.: Mesodorylaimus prerectus Thorne, 1974
Photo Gallery- Forensic Nematology

1.7 mm; a = 30; b = 5.5; c = 13; V = 47
1.5 mm; a = 35; b = 4.7; c = 70; T = 45
Female tail elongate-digitate, male bluntly rounded, slightly arcuate.  Lips slightly elevated with prominent papillae.  Spear 12um long with aperture occupying 2/5 its length.  Guiding ring about 1/4 head width.  Esophagus enlarged slightly past middle by gradual expansion.  Cardia discoid, then conoid, about 2/3 as long as body width.  Microvilli not observed.  Intestinal cells packed with golden brown granules, tesellated in posterior portion.  Masses of brilliant green material generally present in intestines.  Prerectum length 4 times body width, rectum twice anal body diameter.  Vulva longitudinal, vagina as illustrated.  Uteri forming spermatheca about 3 times as long as body width, packed with spermatozoa.  Ovaries reflexed about 1/2 distance to vulva.

Male prerectum extending 1 to 2 body widths anterior to supplements.  Supplements 14 to 17, closely approximated. Submedian papillae not observed.  Spicula 40um long with simple lateral guiding pieces.

Mesodorylaimus prerectus is immdeidately recognized by the unusually long prerectum of both sexes.

Habitat:  About willow roots, Behrens Ranch, South Dakota

(Description- Thorne, 1974)