Genus Mesodorylaimus
Andrassy, 1959
Photo Gallery- Haughton Crater

Definition:  Dorylaiminae.  Characterized by dissimilar tails, female long-filiform, male short and bluntly rounded; cuticle smooth without longitudinal ridges.
    Usually medium-sized species, the majority between 1 and 2 mm. but ranging from less than 1 mm. to 6 mm.  Lateral pores are siad to be mostly absent from cuticle.  Head usually narrower than body and slightly offset; arrangement of papillae as in Dorylaimus.  Spear well developed.  Guiding ring appearing single or double, the fixed anterior ring tends to be less than a head-width from anterior end of the body.  Amphids as in Dorylaimus. Vulva transverse in 4 species, longitudinal in 3, a round pore in 2 and no data available for the great majority.  Gonads of both sexes as in Dorylaimus.  Supplements either contiguous or somewhat separate from one another with a gap between the ventral series and the pre-anal pair.  Submedian, pre-anal papillae present in some series and the pre-anal pair.  Submedian, pre-anal papillae present in some species.  Pre-rectum of male extending forward beyond the range of the supplements in 13 species, within the range in 6 but no data available for the majority.

Type species:  Mesodorylaimus mesonyctius (Kreis, 1930) Andrassy, 1959
                syn.  Dorylaimus mesonyctius Kreis, 1930
-Goodey, 1963

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Crater LMBin-35 Haughton Crater Survey
Crater LMBin-17 Haughton Crater Survey

Species found:  at:
M. lissus Konza Prairie
M. littoralis Forensics
M. pseudobastiani Konza Prairie, Dalhart Texasddddddddd
M.recurvus Konza Prairie
M. simplex Konza Prairie