Genus Merlinius
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Body medium sized. Lateral field with six lines (eight lines in M. koreanus, though only six are visible in lateral view). Longitudinal ridges sometimes present (M. koreanus). Deirids, when present, at a level where the lateral field has only four lines. Tail medium sized (c' = 2-4), conoid, never with thickened cuticle in distal portion. Labial region continuous to slightly offset. SEM face view typically with oval labial disc surrounded with six-sectored first lip annulus, submedian sectors somewhat flattened. Labial region annuli interrupted by longitudinal striations or grooves. Stylet generally medium sized, 20-25 um long, sometimes shorter (10 um) or longer (up to 40-50 um), cone sometimes needle shaped. Male spicules without well developed velum, cylindroid, blunt ended. Gubernaculum not protruding from cloaca.

Species found:   at:
M. alpinus Trail Ridge Rd, CO ddddddd
M. grandis Albany county, Wyoming
M. microdorus Trail Ridge Rd, CO

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