Merlinius microdorus
(Geraert, 1966) Siddiqi, 1970
syn.: Tylenchorhynchus microdorus Geraert, 1966

According to Brzeski, 1991: [Geocenamus microdorus (Geraert, 1966)]
Body annuli rounded, striae not exceptionally deep.  Lateral field basically with six incisures, often additional faint lines may appear between these, sometimes all lines look alike making the total number of incisures, 6, 8 or 10.   Head usually narrower than adjacent body, sometime continuous or separated by shallow depression.  Cephalic framework weakly refractive, extends posteriorly for two or three annuli.  Female genital branches often very long, the anterior may reach the middle of procorpus and the posterior may enter the tail.  However, length of genital branches seems to depend on female age and possibly also environmental conditions.  Tail mostly bent ventrally, narrowing to a rounded terminus, which is either smooth or variably striated.  Unstriated tail terminus predominates in the examined material.
(Description- Brzeski, 1991)

DNA Sequences Obtained
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RMNP Trailridge Rd Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park