Meloidogyne mayaguensis
Rammah & Hirschmann, 1988
Photo Gallery- Florida

This Meloidogyne mayaguensis is a tropical or subtropical root-knot nematode reported in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Senegal and  South Africa, and recently in Florida of the United States. Female M. mayaguensis have a cuticular perineal pattern rounded to adorso-ventrally oval similar to that of M. arenaria with a very distinct circular tail tip area, which is free of striae. This root-knot nematode has sedentary endoparasitic habits. Second-stage juveniles (J2) penetrate host roots where they establisha specialized feeding site (giant cells) in the stele. As J2 develop, they cause root swellings and become swollen females. Females rupture root cortex and some time protrude from the root surface with egg masses. J2 emerge from the egg masses and migrate in the soil. (For more information, see SON Pest List entry)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
FLA4 FLB1-49 A Florida 
FLA4 FLB1-51 A Florida 
FLA5 FLB2-23 A Florida 
FLA5 FLB2-24 A Florida 
PR2180 -1 Florida