Genus Meloidodera

Female. No cyst stage. Body globose with short neck. Cuticle of medium thickness, whole body annulated, with modified pattern at anal-vulval region. D-layer absent. Subcrystalline layer present. Vulva median; vulval lips not protruding. Eggs either deposited or retained in body.

 Male. Body twisted, short (under 0.6mm). Lateral field with four lines. Spicules short (under 30 um), slightly curved, obliquely directed. Tail short, hemispherical. No cloacal tubus. Phasmids punctiform, subterminal. No male metamorphosis within 2nd stage cuticle.

 Juveniles, 2nd stage. Lateral field with four lines. Oesophageal glands filling body cavity. Tail conical, of medium length, with half length hyaline lerminal part. Phasmids with or without lens-like structure.

 Nurse cell system. a single giant cell with a single giant nucleus.

Species List:
M. floridensis
M. alni
M. belli
M. charis
M. eurytyla
M. tianshanica