Genus Meloidogyne
Göldi, 1892
Caconema Cobb, 1924
Hypsoperine Sledge & Golden, 1964
H. (Hypsoperine) Sledge & Golden, 1964
Hypsoperine (Spartonema) Siddiqi, 1986
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie
Photo Gallery- Costa Rica

Cuticle not abnormally thick, annulated in all stages of the male and female. Cephalic framework of medium sclerotization; lateral sectors equal to wider than submedian sectors.

Female. Sedentary, globose with projecting neck. No preadult vermiform female stage. Cuticle moderately thick; annulation forming finger-print like pattern around vulva and anus. Labial disc dumb-bell shaped, not detached from labial sectors. Cephalic framework and spear delicate. Excretory pore anterior to median oesophageal bulb, often only slightly posterior to stylet base. Vulva and anus terminal; perineal region flush or slightly raised. No cyst stage. Eggs not retained in body but deposited in a gelatinous matrix (exception Meloidogyne spartinae where eggs ate deposited individually without gelatinous matrix).

Male. Labial area low, not set-off, irregularly annulated. Lateral field with four lines.

Juveniles. Second stage juveniles migratory, vermiform. Cephalic framework and spear delicate. Labial area not set-off. Late second-stage sedentary, swollen (spike-tailed). Third and fourth stages occurring within the second stage cuticle, devoid of stylet.

Specimens from Costa Rica
    Meloidogyne sp. (1)

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
Brito DPI I in culture

Species found:  at:
M. chitwoodi Texas
M. graminis Konza Prairie
M. hapla
M. mayaguensis Florida
M partityla New Mexico

Species List (from Siddiqi, 2000)