Mesocriconema pseudosolivagum
(De Grisse, 1964) Andrássy, 1965
syn:. Criconemoides pseudosolivagus De Grisse, 1964
Macroposthonia pseudosolivaga (De Grisse, 1964) De Grisse & Loof, 1965
Neocriconema pseudosolivagum (De Grisse, 1964) Diab & Jenkins, 1965
Criconemella pseudosolivaga (De Grisse, 1964) Luc & Raski, 1981
Photo Gallery- Barta Brothers Ranch

Measurements (9 females):  L = 287 um (240-341); stylet = 45 um (40-50); V = 94.4% (90.4 - 96.8); Rv = 5 (2-6); R = 68 (52-88); Rex = 22 (19-26).
Associated plants and  localities: Soil around roots of Rhus glabra in Pilot Knob State Park, Winnebago, Co., Iowa; unidentified grass in the Cayler Prairie, Dickenson Co., Iowa; grass roots along Highway 18 near Mississippi River, Clayton Co., Iowa; Xanthium sp. in wasteland, Hamburg, Iowa.
    This is the first known report of this species in the U.S.A.  The measurements agree well with the measurements given by De Grisse (1969) except that the vulva is located more posteriorly,  the number of annules is greater, the Rex is greater, and the stylet ranges slightly smaller.
    Criconemoides pseudosolivagum is a small nematode that is most easily recognized by the large number of anastomosing, crenated body annules, which give a beaded appearance.  This latter character serves to separate pseudosolivagum from its closest relative, C. sphaerocephalum Taylor, 1936.
(Description- Hoffman, 1974)