Genus Lordellonema
Andrassy, 1960
Photo Gallery- Konza Prairie

Definition:  Dorylaiminae.  Characterized by the possession of prominent ventral and lateral rows of conical structures leading from pores and canals in the cuticular layer to gland-like bodies in the underlying tissues.  There are scale-like structures on the hind part of the body (the author has seen similar structures on various Eudorylaim larvae).  Head offset, lips distinct.  Amphids typically dorylaim, about 1/2 body-width.  Spear slender, aperture about 1/4 of its length.  Oesophagus enlarged in last 1/3.  Guiding ring seen in double state.  Gonads paired, opposed, reflexed.

Type Species:  Lordellonema bauruense (Lordello, 1957) Andrassy, 1960
            syn. Dorylaimus bauruensis Lordello, 1957

-Goodey, 1963

Species found       at:
L. parvum Konza Prairie, First Survey