Longidorella parva
Thorne, 1939
Photo Gallery- Lava, Idaho
Photo Gallery- Lied Jungle

0.55 mm; a = 19; b = 14.3; c = 18; V = 60
Body robust.  Lip region about one-third as wide as neck base and practically continuous with neck contour.  Amphids located somewhat farther below lips than usual.  Musculature of lips tapering to a slender bundle which surrounds the spear and its extension.  Spear length four to five times width of lip region.  Spear extension practically same length as spear.  Esophagus a slender flexible tube in the anterior half; basal portion cylindrical and about two-thirds as wide and twice as long as the neck width, set off by constriction.  Cardia small, discoid. Vulva a transverse slit.  Vagina extending only about one-third across body.  Ovaries reflexed to near vulva.  Eggs about twice as long as body width.  Prerectum length about equal to body width.  Rectum same length as prerectum.  Tail slightly arcuate, conoid to subacute terminus.  Males unknown and gravid females contain no sperms.

DiagnosisLongidorella with the above measurements and general description.  Distinctive because of the form of the lip region and the conoid tail.

Habitat:  A rare species from cultivated fields near Salt Lake City and Salem, Utah, U.S.A.

DNA Sequences Obtained
Specimen: Collected:
LJ LB-01