Genus Loncharionema
Goseco, Ferris and Ferris, 1974
Photo Gallery- Forensic Nematology

Diagnosis:  Body cylindroid, 0.8 - 1/3 mm long, tapering posteriorly.  Cuticle finely striated; sub-cuticle loose, coarsely striated.  Radial refractive elements abundant.  Lip region offset, lips distinct.  Odontostyle slender, less than two lip region widths long.  Odontophore flanged.  Basal enlarged part of oesophagus muscular, set off by constriction from anterior slender part.  Reproductive system mono-prodelphic.  Vulva transverse.  Spicules dorylaimoid, lateral guiding pieces present.  Supplements an adanal pair and a few well-spaced ventromedians.  Tail long, filiform; similar in sexes.

Type species: Loncharionema brevibulbum Goseco, Ferris and Ferris, 1974.

Other species:
    L. discum Goseco, Ferris and Ferris, 1974

(Description- Jairajpuri and Ahmad, 1992 )