Genus Lobocriconema
De Grisse & Loof, 1965

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9 Mile Prairie, NE
Ichetucknee River, Florida

Konza Prairie
Homestead Nat'l Monument
Nebraska CAPS
Sauk county, Wisconsin
Spring Creek Prairie- "Footprint"

    Criconematinae.  Annules very coarse, 8-18 um thick, retrorse, 24-62 in number, smooth but finely crenate with longitudinal scratches.  Cephalic annules two, differentiated.  Anterior one larger than posterior, submedian lobes present, stylet stout, 43-106 um long.  Vulva open, rarely closed, anterior lip not overhanging, three to eight annules from terminus.  VL/VB 0.5-1. Tail conoid-rounded.  Juveniles with 8-18 rows of smooth scales.

Type species
    Lobocriconema crassianulatum (de Guiran, 1963) De Grisse & Loof, 1965
        syn. Criconemoides crassianulatus de Guiran, 1963
            Nothocriconema crassianulatum (de Guiran, 1963) Andrássy, 1979
            Criconema crassianulatum (de Guiran, 1963) Raski & Luc, 1985
            Criconemoides deconincki De Grisse, 1963
            Lobocriconema deconincki (De Grisse, 1963) Siddiqi, 1986
(Description- Siddiqi, 2000)

Species found:           at:
L. thornei 9 Mile Prairie Homestead Prairie Plattsmouth, NE