Genus Leptonchus
Cobb, 1920
syn.: Trichodorus granulosus (Cobb, 1920) Micoletzky, 1922
Photo Gallery- Costa Rica

Nemas under 2.0 mm long.  Subcuticle strongly striate, often separated from outer layer.  Lateral cords with 2 lines of coarse pores.  Spear very small with sclerotized, arch-like guide.  Esophagus with a fusiform or pyriform basal bulb less than 2 body widths long.  Intestinal cells with coarse dark brown granules, often arranged in tesellated pattern.  Prerectum 2-5 body widths long or extending far forward past reproductive system.  Post rectal blind sac present.  Caudal pores near teminus.  Tails hemispheroid to bluntly conoid.
(Description- Thorne, 1974)

Definition:  Leptonchidae.  Body cylindrical.  Outer cuticle smooth or with very fine criss-cross lines.  Sub-cuticle striated.
Lateral cords broad, with coarse pores in 2 lines.  Vestibule semi-cuticularized.  Guiding ring apparently a strongly
cuticularized truncated cone.  Spear very slender, with arcuate, heavily cuticularized truncated cone.  Spear very slender, with
arcuate, heavily cuticularized extensions.  Oesophagus a slender tube until it extends to the pyriform basal bulb containing a
straight lumen and 3 large gland nuclei.  Pre-rectum obscurely differentiated from intestine, with a more transparent terminal
portion.  Caudal pores almost terminal, unusually large and conspicuous.  Vulva transverse; gonads paired, opposed,
reflexed.  Testes, spicules and supplements dorylaimoid.  Tails of sexes similar.
(Description- Goodey, 1963)

Type speciesLeptonchus granulosus  Cobb, 1920

Specimens from Costa Rica
    Leptonchus sp. (1)

Species found:      at:
L. granulosus Konza Prairie, 9-Mile Prairie, Forensic
L. microdens Konza Prairie